Top 8 (String) Guitars from Rondo Music for Under $1000

Header Image (8-Strings)Ladies and Djentle-men are you looking for something “extra” to give to yourself of a loved one this holiday season? Well I’m here to ask you “have you thought of adopting an 8-String?” Look, big girls need love too, and boy are these girls thick! When 6 strings just isn’t enough, is here to provide you with a list of the top 8 (8-String) Agile brand guitars from Rondo Music for under $1000! Good luck fitting one of these lovely ladies under the tree: because they ARE the tree!

1. Agile Septor 827 MN CP CF Oceanburst Flame BT ($399.95 + Shipping)

Agile Spetor 8-String

Starting of our list is the standard workhorse of the Agile line, the Sceptor! 

But don’t let that fool you, this guitar is anything but average:

Featuring a flamed Canadian maple top with a glossy finish over a fender style double cutaway mahogany body and 3 piece maple bolt on neck with black trapozoidal fret inlays and a reversed blade style headstock, this thing is like the open seas: beautiful yet dangerous! 

With the added 7th and 8th strings, which are tuned lower than what you’d have on a standard 6 string, this thing can go as deep as the ocean! Be careful: you never know what you’ll find down there…

At around $400, it might break your back, but it won’t break the bank! 

2. Agile Legacy 827 TOM Midnight Blue Quilt ($399.99 + Shipping)

Agile Legacy 8-String

How is this for exotic? Here we’ve got another double cutaway, fender style, Mahogany body but this time we’re also working with a unique double patterned solid maple top! 

With the strings going right into the body, this thing will sustain better and hold it’s tuning longer as well.

Also it’s got a nice, clean, fretboard without any distracting inlays (don’t worry, there are still dots on the side if you don’t want to lose your place) and a bolt on neck to give a brighter tone to your playing and easier access to higher notes.

You don’t see guitars like this every day, but you’ll certainly hear it coming. 

3. Agile Hawker Headless 827 BBR ($499.95 + Shipping)

Agile Hawker 8-String

Talk about a real head turner! This beauty must have looked in the mirror before leaving the shop and twisted her own top off in the process! 

Still, you can’t blame her:

With a solid mahogany body featuring an arched burl ash top and dual contoured cutaways this thing looks good, sounds great, and plays even better! 

You don’t need any special strings to play it either (well, if you don’t consider the fact that you need 8 strings…) double ball ends need not apply!

4. Agile AL-3100MCC 827 Black Flame ($499.99 + Shipping)

Agile AL-3100 8-String
This may look like a Gibson, but it ain’t you daddy’s Les Paul style guitar! 

For one thing it has 24 frets; so you can really climb to new heights with your solos!

For another thing; it has 8 strings! So you can also sink to new, never before seen (or heard) lows!

The neck is “multi-radius” which means that it’s thinner near the headstock and thicker near the body helping to increase the comfort and playability.

The mahogany body is capped with a thick layer of maple and coated in a glossy sheen to improve looks and tone.

The neck and body are also attached such that the entire guitar is one piece, no bolt on’s here!

5. Agile Intrepid Pro 828 EB EMG Bloodburst ($599.99 + Shipping)

Agile Intrepid 8-String

Satisfy you blood lust with this Bloodburst style Intrepid model!

Featuring a string-through design on the mahogany body and EMG active pickups, this thing screams as well as it sustains!

The body shape is also a novel take on the standard Fender style double cutway allowing easier access to higher frets while having a profile all it’s own.

This model also features a one-piece design meaning the neck and body are attached seamlessly. 

The fretboard is clean without any inlays to distract your audience from the sight of your fingers tormenting the track.

6. Agile Interceptor Pro 828 EB CP Oceanburst Quilt ($699.99 + Shipping)

Agile Interceptor 8-String

This model will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first 8-string guitar. 

It was so good that my older brother took it from me and refuses to return it; let that be a testiment to it’s quality. 

Especially good if your looking to use mult-finger tapping techniques or just smash someone over the head. 

I called her “Big Bertha”

7. Agile Pendulum Pro 82528 EB EMG Tribal Blue ($799.99 + Shipping)

Agile Pendulum 8-String

Now this is nice: 8 strings on a mahogany body with a neck-thru design and multi-scale fanned frets for $800! 

The lower strings have a longer scale length to keep bass notes punchy and the higher strings have a shorter scale length to improve tone an playability. 

The neck profile is uniform and features wide radius for increased playability.

EMG active pickups give it the get up and go you need to make yourself heard.

The angled nut grover tuners help keep the sound balanced and consistent. 

8. Agile Pendulum Elite 82527 EB CP Nat Mahog ($899.99 + Shipping)

Agile Pendulum 8-String

Ok, so I kinda lied: when you add a case (which is highly recomended for shipping purposes) and factor in said shipping, this guitar actually comes out to around $1,001.11 (at least, for shipping to my location when I checked the shopping cart), so this beauty is actually $1.11 more than $1000… but no one wants to read the top 8 guitars under $1001.11, it just doesn’t sound as good as the top 8 guitars under $1000 now does it?

So I rounded a bit, sue me! 

Minor dishonesty aside, this thing it totally worth the extra $1.11; it comes with a Khaler tremelo for those times that you just want to bang your whammy bar, in-house Cephus 8-string passive pickups (no batteries required!) and neck-thru body design with uniform neck profile for smooth playing and added sustain!

Treat them Djent-ly

Well, there you have it: my picks for the top 8 (8-String) Agile guitars from Rondo Music! I hope you enjoyed the list and found one that you liked! 

I love Agile guitars and highly recommend the Interceptor Pro (you know I’m biased haha).

If you feel like picking one of these lovely ladies up, just click on the picture or name of the guitar and you’ll be taken to the 8-String guitar page of Rondo music through my affiliate link. 

Their affiliate program is still new and they don’t have direct links up to the individual guitars, so you might have to scroll a little to find the exact model you want. 

But hey, you’ll get a great guitar and I’ll get a small commision: it’s a win/win! 

Plus, if enough of you buy one of these, I’ll take tha commision money and buy one of these for myself (I’m thinking the Bloodburst Intrepid or the Headless Hawker…).

Thanks for reading! Have a great day and happy holidays! 

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